Rabbi's Page

Rabbi Ari Mandel, was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.
He is a descendant of an illustrious rabbinical family. Rabbi Ari’s father, Horav Tzvi Mandel, is a Brooklyn born rabbi and dayan. His father is involved in a broad spectrum of kiruv, including hosting and sponsoring weddings for the needy, and introducing families to  the beauty of Judaism.
Rabbi Ari’s grandfather, Horav Raphael Green, was a Rosh Yeshiva and taught with Horav Moshe Feinstein in Yeshiva Staten Island. He was known for his ability to clarify and explain any Torah thought so all can understand.  This trait he passed down to his grandson.
A partial list of his illustrious relatives include the Telzer Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Chaim  Mordechai Katz, Horav Manis Mandel, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva of Brooklyn both of blessed Memory and Horav Moishe Green, Hashem should grant him many years of health, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva of Monsey.  There are many former and current Rosh yeshivahs, Rabbis, Dayonim and Mechanchim from this family.
Rabbi Ari shared a very close relationship with his grandfather, Horav Raphael Green. He learned Mishna from the age of seven and later in his teens learned  with him daily while he studied at Rabbi Moshe Feinstein’s Yeshiva in Staten Island. He then went on to learn by Horav Tzvi Kushelevski In Givat Shaul, Jerusalem, Israel. While in Israel he became close and studied with many great rabbis. He learned from Rabbi Dov Schwartzman, son in law of Rabbi Aharon Kotler, and Horav Nososn Tzvi Finkel, the Rosh Yeshiva of the Mir Yeshiva. He spent time with great leaders in the generation including Horav Chaim Brimm, the last student of the Chazon Ish. He spent lots of time learning Talmud and discussing Chumash ideas with a living legend, Horav Reuvein Kanarick, may he live healthy for many years, who was the chavrusah of Horav Moshe Feinstein and Chavrusah and roommate of Rav Nochum Partsovitz.

After running a yeshiva in SI, NY and Paterson, NJ for 2 years, Rabbi Ari Mandel was chosen by the Noverminsker Rebbi’s Daughter to be the Rabbi in a program for at risk teens and adults in Brooklyn, NY from 2002- 2005. Through this Program Rabbi Mandel was honored to be invited to Israel to speak about the At Risk Teen situation and some ways to fix it.

Rochel Mandel,  was born in Monsey, NY where she attended Bais Yaakov. Rochel’s grandfather, Rabbi Moshe Wenger, was a Kletzker Talmid and was handpicked by Rabbi Aron Kotler as one of his students to help start the Lakewood Yeshiva to be part of core group of talmidim in Beth Medrosh Gevoha in Lakewood at its inception,

Rochel went to Israel for one year at the  Bnos Chava Seminary in Jerusalem. After she returned to the US, she finished her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Rochel then graduated from ASU with her Masters of Social Work and is a licensed Social Worker with years of experience in Crisis and Counseling.

Rabbi Mandel has a distinct way of speaking that make his speeches memorable to all that hear him speak. He speaks about personal and family stories.
He can relate to young and old by integrating stories and parables.  But most of all, he is valued for his thought provoking lectures and by his sharing the appreciation of being part of the chosen nation.